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Intellistocks Earns Official 'Best Wealth Management Company-UAE'

November 22, 2022

Safety, Custody, Protection

Intellistocks is dedicated to the preservation and growth of assets entrusted under our advisory. We onboard you with Interactive Brokers, the world's top online broker with a total customer asset value of $296 billion^.

^ As of Nov 1, 2022

You own and control your Interactive Brokers account no matter where you live.

You can transfer your paid-up stocks to another custodian at any time.

Account protection up to $500,000 by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), regardless of US citizenship.

We are licensed/registered in the UAE, India, and with the London Stock Exchange.

Safety, Custody, Protection

Risk Management Philosophy

Risk-Focused Portfolio Management: Unlike traditional advisors, we prioritize risk over growth. Our goal is superior performance with proportionately lower risk.

General Notion



General Notion

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy



Risk Management Process

Risk Management at the Forefront: The foundation of every strategy, portfolio, and client relationship. Our proprietary AI- powered analytic platform, IntelIQ powered by big data, helps us to identify opportunities to decrease downside exposure and preserve portfolios, guiding our investment decisions to better align with investment objectives.

Research & Data

Research & Data

Our process begins with thorough market research, constant risk tracking, and utilizing data from financial databases to create a proprietary, real-time matrix for analysis and optimization.

Quantitative & Qualitative

Quantitative & Qualitative

We sift through the noise to analyze and anticipate market movements using objective facts and professional expertise, while continuously monitoring and assessing risk.

Strategic Investment Decisions

Strategic Investment Decisions

IntelIQ system helps our portfolio managers minimize risk while maximizing potential returns. Our team of experts stay on top of market changes to minimize losses and capitalize on opportunities.

Portfolio Level Risk Management

Tailored Solutions with a focus on minimizing risk and maximizing potential returns. Our adaptable approach allows us to pursue specific objectives for each client.

Keeping the Downside in Check and the Upside Open

We use several different measures to manage portfolio risk, including:


Diversity at the sector, demand/supply cycle, and trend system levels on individual portfolio creation tiers.


Rebalancing holdings and changing investment allocations based on current volatility and market circumstances to ensure the portfolio remains within acceptable risk bounds.

Exiting overextended

Exiting overextended run-ups and unsuccessful positions methodically.


We conduct a variety of stress tests on the most unfavorable historical situations to determine our risk exposure.

Each analyst

Each analyst is subject to strict performance controls.


Finally, we apply a bottom control approach. During prolonged portfolio declines, we decrease investment until the decline is reversed and an upward trend can be observed.

Get Award Winning Performance That Continues To Get Better

Get Award Winning Performance That Continues To Get Better
Get Award Winning Performance That Continues To Get Better

Real People, Real Stories

I want to give a shout out to Intellistocks because I'm very happy with my investing experience. The returns have been good, and I have as much control of your money as I want. Their team is very professional and always ready to help. They are an absolute pleasure to deal with.

James Smith
Hotelier, Investor, Johannesburg ,Ex- Marriott International
Associated since 2018

I like their market knowledge, active investment style, and willingness to listen to tough questions and respond with thorough, non-defensive answers if things don’t go as expected. Also, for making my portfolio grow more quickly than any other way I know of, as well.

Ahmed Wafiq
Real Estate Magnate, Investor– Cairo/Dubai
Associated since 2011

Intellistocks has been handling my portfolio for 8 years now and I am very satisfied. Your insight on the market, economy and business is very valuable. My investing journey would never be the same without Intellistocks, Thank you.

Subramaniam Krishnamurthy
CEO-SEK Consulting LLC, Abu Dhabi
Associated since 2011

We have been fortunate to work with the Intellistocks team, who have diligently managed risk and rewards over the last few years to create returns that exceed the market and any other service we have tried. We are happy to endorse the team and look forward to many years of a fruitful partnership.

Veena Lalwani Poojari
Entrepreneur, Singapore, Ex Banker
Associated since 2012

Whomever may be reading this I can assure you; you are in amazing hands with impeccable ethics in a world otherwise driven by greed and deception.

Franz Harary
World’s one of the most acclaimed Illusionist | Los Angeles
Associated since 2011

As long as I’m actively investing, Intellistocks will be my investment vehicle of choice. I really value your market, economical, and business knowledge. During covid time, your risk management was exceptional.”

Varun Gupta
CIO-Land East Corp, Singapore, Ex- Barclays Bank, Bajaj Finserve
Associated since 2014

We Have Success Stories
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Amidst Roaring Inflation and Fear of Recession, Intellistocks Outperforms

Amidst Roaring Inflation and Fear of Recession, Intellistocks Outperforms

Intellistocks has proved its effectiveness with its hybrid approach, by performing well during a period when both stocks and bonds have struggled at these uncertain times.

Published: August 11, 2022

Intellistocks Earns Official 'Best Wealth Management Company-UAE'

Intellistocks Earns Official 'Best Wealth Management Company-UAE'

Awarded by World Finance Magazine, the global awards focus on the world's very best stocks, investment, banking and wealth companies - with its Best Wealth Management category summarising only the very highest-achieving systems from around the world.

Published: Nov 22, 2022

In periods of uncertainty, Intellistocks has performed exceptionally well

In periods of uncertainty, Intellistocks has performed exceptionally well

Since its inception 15 years ago, the Intellistocks team has exemplified industry-leading skill and dedication, expanding and preserving its position as one of the most trustworthy investment advisors.

Published: July 09, 2022

Intellistocks continue their rapid growth around the world

Intellistocks continue their rapid growth around the world

Intellistocks team demonstrate industry-leading expertise and commitment, working to grow and maintain their reputation as one of the leading advisory companies in the world of finance.

Published: October 08, 2019

Questions? Let Us Help

Why hire an international wealth management company?

When confronted with hard and emotionally-charged facts about international stock markets, investors lack the time, information, and competence to make rational decisions. The global stock market is affected by an endless number of direct and indirect variables. It becomes extremely difficult for an individual to monitor the stock market and capitalize on opportunities. This is where  Intellistocks can assist you in protecting your investments against numerous economic, political, and other market events. With our expertise, we guide you in achieving your financial objectives.ine meeting tool like Zoom or phone call, providing you with the convenience of our local availability.

Who is the legal owner of the stocks in my portfolio?

You will always own all stocks fully paid by you. All Intellistocks accounts at Interactive Brokers are maintained under U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regulations, which require that U.S. brokers separate and retain customer securities in a secure location.

Can my investment lose value?

The world is constantly changing, and stock markets are no exception. Since the inception of global stock markets, the long-term trend has always been upward (of course, there has been short- to mid-term volatility). You only need a highly disciplined portfolio-based approach (individual stocks may still lose money over the long term), highly scientific stock selection, pre-planned rebalancing, and a highly talented and educated research team. According to various studies and our combined investment expertise of more than 80 years, we have compiled a worst-case scenario of anyone losing money despite having all the investing qualities described above. However, in order to provide you with solutions, Intellistocks offers complete capital protection against market losses.

What happens to my money if Intellistocks is non-existent?

Your investment account is in your name, and only you have the password for it. Any financial transaction will take place only in or out of your bank account. Intellistocks will never request your account password. You have complete capital control over the account and are free to monitor its status. Since these securities are held in our clients' names, they can simply request a transfer to a different custodian in an adverse scenario. Consequently, whether or not Intellistocks exist, your money is always secure.

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