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Agile, flexible and built on the fundamental of robust customer centered investing, Intellistocks has emerged as a leader in wealth management in India. We not only structure our products around the individual needs of our investors we also bring the entire world of options to the equity investor. Our investment philosophy revolves around exceptional risk management, thus building consistent results. We have outperformed the nifty by over 2X, FD returns by over 3X and Gold by over 5X.

Intellistocks Performance Vs Benchmark

CAGR % Benchmark Comparison-India 2012-30th Sep 2018

Intellistocks Model30.7%

Absolute Returns Value Comparison-India 2012-30th Sep 2018

Start 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Intellistocks Model 100 143.7 177.2 300.5 347.4 483.2 703 652
Nifty 100 127.7 136.3 179.1 172.2 177.0 222 229
FD 100 107.5 115.6 124.2 133.5 143.6 154 166
Gold 100 108.7 78.7 78.3 69.2 75.2 85 85

CAGR % Benchmark Comparison-Global 2015-30th Sep 2018

Intellistocks International24.1%
Dow Jones9.2%

Absolute Returns Value Comparison-Global 2015-2018

Start 2015 2016 2017 2018
Intellistocks International 100 109.8 152.4 219.6 237.4
Dow Jones 100 97.8 110.9 138.7 142.2
FD 100 104.0 108.2 112.5 116.1
Gold 100 88.4 96.0 108.6 110.5

Performance by Lowering Risk

We always primarily focus on risk management and risk vs reward. We first asses risk in each and every position we take on various parameters which are very detailed & meticulous but not limited to current technical scenarios, past performance, present & our assessment of macro and micro situation of the market, the sector and the company.

Achieve Your Financials Goals Smarter, Faster & Safer

Buy Right

We strive to select companies which have proven financial performance track or are at the cusp of turnaround. We buy best businesses with great margin of safety.

Manage Risk

We apply much disciplined investment process to build well diversified portfolio that will help you achieve your financial goals faster and safer with minimal risk involvement.

Sell Smart

We believe that selling is very important. Our methodical approach, excellent skill-sets and in depth market knowledge allow us to exit stocks at most opportune times.

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