Risk Assessment Process

We set portfolio return expectations using risk rather than possible growth

Business Understanding

  • Business model
  • Past performance
  • Growth potential of the sector
  • Geographical growth potential
  • Company’s position/capabilities to capture the growth potential
  • Dependency on Govt Policies
  • Brand Recognition & Image / Credibility

Management Quality

We believe good leadership and team with proven track record can withstand most of the unsystematic risk.

  • The Team
  • Experience
  • Credibility
  • Performance

Valuation Models

We have developed many proprietary research tools which not only capture the historical of the company but also have been good predictor of the future. These valuation models have traversed through various market scenarios:

  • ExaQt
  • ValualyZe
  • GrocaRp

Various Risk Test

  • We run various risk/stress tests on the valuations before arriving at buy/sell stage.
  • Quantitatively Pinpoint Risk
  • And What Ifs:
  • If Potential Earning projection goes wrong
  • If there is reversals because of monetary policies
  • If there is massive market fall
  • If Company looses its top 5 clients/markets/products

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