Intellistocks Awarded ‘Best Wealth Management Company-UAE’ in Prestigious Global Awards

January 19, 2023
Roy Mendonsa
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Key Takeaways:

  • Intellistocks has been named as the United Arab Emirates’ Best Wealth Management Company-2022 by the renowned World Finance Magazine.
  • The award recognizes the expertise, experience, and dedication of Intellistocks in providing exceptional wealth management services, particularly in the face of increasing pressure within the industry.

  • Co-founder Nalini Jindal attributes this recognition to the company’s long-term success, returning clients, and index-beating performance, all underpinned by a core focus on risk management.
  • Intellistocks continues to harness the skills of over twenty in-house analysts, providing clients with access to 80+ years of combined expertise and multi-dimensional tools for effective investment across different market cycles.

Intellistocks is delighted to announce that it has been officially named as the United Arab Emirates’ Best Wealth Management Company-2022. This prestigious accolade was presented by World Finance Magazine, a global authority recognizing the very best in stocks, investment, banking, and wealth companies.

With a strong international presence, offices in Hong Kong, the UAE, and India, and registration with the London Stock Exchange, we serve investors around the globe. Currently, we are operating in nearly forty stock markets worldwide, affirming our position as a leading global investment advisor.

The World Finance awards highlight the need for wealth managers to invest their clients’ money effectively in high-quality assets. Companies recognized in the Best Wealth Management category are those at the pinnacle of the industry, demonstrating unwavering discipline in structuring and planning wealth for investors. This award underscores our commitment and proficiency in delivering superior wealth management services.

As the co-founder of Intellistocks, Nalini Jindal attributes this recognition—our second award this year—to our long-term success, loyal clients, and performance that consistently beats the index, all while prioritizing risk management.

Our dedicated team of over twenty in-house analysts is crucial to our success. We are proud to be helping clients who have portfolios across the globe. As Roy Mendonsa, SVP & Portfolio Manager at Intellistocks, aptly puts it, "The opportunities in stocks are endless, but it can be very risky without the right mix of experience, skill, and technology."

At Intellistocks, we do more than just invest in stocks. We offer our clients access to over 80 years of combined expertise and multi-dimensional tools, helping them invest and capitalize on any market cycle. Our mission is to help clients grow their portfolio while managing risks as diligently as we would with our own funds. This approach truly sets us apart.

Our emphasis on the highest ethical standards, transparency in our services, pricing, and purposes have been fundamental to our success. We also believe in the power of diversity and collaboration. As Nalini Jindal mentions, "We work collaboratively and incredibly closely with our clients, partners, and within each team."

For more information on Intellistocks and our award-winning services, please visit our website at

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