It’s easy—sign up today, open an advisory account with us, and we’ll automatically waive your advisory fee. The amount of time you get advisory free is based on the total capital you invest within 15 days of starting a subscription.

The more you invest, the more you earn and the more advisory free.

Investable Capital (INR) Free Advisory Time
10 Lacs-25 Lacs 1 year
25 lacs- 1 Crore 2 Years
1Crore+ 3 Year
Investable Capital (USD) Free Advisory Time
100k-250k 1 year
250k- 500k 2 Years
500k+ 3 Year

Services are also available without this offer @ 3.25% annual fee of the investable capital. ZERO Fee payable if returns for the year are less than 15%. If returns are equal to or more than 15% then a nominal fee of as low as 1.75% of NAV will be applicable on incremental basis. Standard Terms of service apply

“When your money realises its in good hands, it want to stay there and Multiply in Those Hands”

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