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Are you still putting your money in a bank account which gives you a negative return after taxes and inflation? Rothmans Wealth Portfolios are designed to help customers achieve optimal returns from their investments at every level of risk.

Intellistocks Performance Vs Benchmark

Cumulative Value Comparison-India 2012-30th Sep 2018

Start 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Intellistocks Model 100 143.7 177.2 300.5 347.4 483.2 703 652
Nifty 100 127.7 136.3 179.1 172.2 177.0 222 229
FD 100 107.5 115.6 124.2 133.5 143.6 154 166
Gold 100 108.7 78.7 78.3 69.2 75.2 85 85

CAGR % Benchmark Comparison-India 2012-30th Sep 2018

Intellistocks Model30.7%

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We curate personalised investment plans by giving top class and on-going guidance and our stop-at-nothing attitude, makes you, the ultimate winner.

Mutual Funds

We conduct an exhaustive quantitative & qualitative analysis on Indian & International mutual funds that can represent your risk style. Our analysis is based upon fund-level portfolio & their holdings analysis and we run them through various stress test scenarios.

Fixed Income

Our experts monitor the domestic & international monetary policy, understand global credit scenario and ensure that their recommendations are well suited to the client’s needs. We particularly focus on dynamic interest rates, duration calls, & credit-curve.

Precious Metals

Precious metals are of particular interest to our clients so we offer rightful asset allocation to achieve diversification. We follow international spot, forward & OTC markets. Their contra correlation to other financial instruments makes it a perfect part of the investment kitty to achieve diversification.

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